Step one: choose your frame.That's it.

Open from within your frame! Simply think about the frame you're in, the frame you want, the story you want to be in, then open from within that frame. That's it. Simply ask her a question about something you care about, expecting the right answer. Expect the best. Ask for the best. Get the best. Don't assume anything else but her being fit for your universe. Thus, choose high-quality HB9+, so that you're actually consistent. Then open them the way you'd want them to want to be opened. You choose the reality you want to live in. Your target will react to that frame and adopt the personality you assign her.

The role you assign to her, becomes the one and only reality. The role she adopts within your game becomes her defined, revealed, personality. Whatever you want her to be, she'll be. Game's called game for a reason.

And thus, your reality becomes her reality, which becomes your reality. All you need is to know what to want. You will get it.