Not everything comes down to how you carry it in the street. I mean, it do come down to that if you gonna be in the street. But that ain't the only way to be.

– The Wire

All hierarchies are contextual.

Even beauty is relative: to the human species, to the opposite gender for heterosexuals, etc.

Alphaness is defined as control of your environment. But what is your environment? For a Stone Age hunter, it's his tribe. For his tribe, it's the part of the jungle that it roams. The relevant hierarchy is hunting ability, health, physical power. The worse the context, the dumber the hierarchy. There is no added medal for achieving something harder, by putting yourself deliberately in a harder-to-succeed-in context.

Distinguish real control and fake control. Anger is a display of a lack of control, of fear of the environment. Control within a narrow frame is a narrow control.

But now? In this day and age, control of your environment can mean many things, depending on the context. It can be social proof within a given social group. It can be money. It can be knowledge of how the world works. You get not only to fight for your status within a given frame, but to freely pick any damn frame you please, among an infinity of options.

That freedom can feel destabilizing, yet it's fantastic. Widen your horizon, your control. Limited-frame, animal-stage, irrelevant-control people might not get it. Don't care about it. Embrace it, enjoy it, make your choices.