Most people love you. Most people want the best for you, what's good for you. But everyone lives within their frame. If they love you, they love you within their frame, the way they see you as you appear on their frame-plane. They want the "best" for "you", given their own definitions of both "best" and "you". Your parents might love you, but love you as their cub, and see the "best" only in relation to their own projects for you as an extension of themselves. The policeman arresting you might love you, but love you as citizen who sinned and must be punished for his own good, the "best" for you being a fantasy disconnected from any reality. The clergyman might love you, but love you as lost lamb, with so much to learn, who's sinned, but who can be generously granted forgiveness, who considers you bad, yet loves you despite, or for your very, flaws (flaws that make the "you" that exist only in his eyes).

Sometimes your frame-plane crosses their frame-plane in a 3D space. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's temporary, ephemereal.

If someone sees you as a bum, you can prove to him you're one of the good bums. You're doing okay, for a bum. If someone sees you as a slave, servant, member of an inferior race, you can do good by them. Work hard, be nice and obedient. Be a good puppy. You'll get a sugar. You'll be doing fine. "Yeah, as far as dogs go, he's doing fine. I don't usually like dogs, but he's one of the ones I can stand". Or, "hey, I despise men, but this one's not so bad, maybe I'll let him fuck me, if he entertains me enough, after he's proved his value to me".

And if someone's frame is twisted, don't complain if achieving appreciation within it makes you a worthless being from the perspective of any other decent frame.

A positive appreciation is worthless if it comes from the wrong frame. Only your own frame is relevant for your own existence.

Different people have different frames, living on different frame-planes in space. If the frames cross, coincide, or are close enough, you can interact.

If they don't, the frame-gap is too big. You talk the same language, yet they don't hear you, and you don't hear them. You talk the same language in the same sense that a dog barking and a bee buzzing emit sounds in a similar sound spectrum, on the planet in time and space. Yet your Umwelts are entirely different, your communication an illusion.

Stay within your frame. Find people that share part of that frame, and find a common solid ground with them. Influence them to get closer to your frame. But if the frame gap is too big, don't waste time trying to change their opinions within their frame. Don't teach a dog how to bark if you're not a dog. And don't work hard for a bone from the dog-master intent on hitting you with a stick, either, if you're not a dog.