If you use empathy for your game, you’ll notice that different people will respond to different DHVs. Some might be impressed by your corporate job, whereas others by your rebellion against the corporate world.

To younger women, having a car is a DHV. To SWPL older chicks, not having a car might be a DHV. Of course, people with few qualities to demonstrate don't get a pick, but conversely, if you have many qualities, you don't really care which ones you show off, but you do have to make a pick. So you try to analyze first, figure out what particular people will respond to.

And sometimes you stumble upon people, and you wonder. What is a DHV to them? What is their value scale? What do they respect? What is their purpose in life?

And do remember, if your value is too high, people might get jealous, or think you’re too good for them. They’ll usually respond by making fun of some minor imperfection of yours, or try to reframe your qualities as defects. Sure, you can try AMOGging them in return. But AMOGing assholes should be done when necessary, not a situation you’d deliberately spend your leisure time on.

If you find out that what some person responds to, expects from you, or values, is so lame you don’t wanna go there, follow Harry Browne’s advice and associate with other people. Do not waste time trying to change people's value scales if they are too far from yours.

And remember, people are idiots. Most of them are so confused, what they think they want, what they tell you they want, and what they really want are three different things.

Sometimes they don’t really want anything at all. They’re nihilists. If you make no money, they’ll consider you a loser. If you make lots of money, they’ll consider you an immoral sellout. You can't win either way.

Some people will actually not respect you unless you are borderline suicidal (who hates life but is too much of a coward to kill himself) like them, mocking everything, admiring nothing. And if you do reach that pathetic status, all you’ll get is a loser’s solidarity, not genuine respect. Yes, Ayn Rand would be throwing up right now. Yet that is it. Loser drunkards' solidarity, respectfully acknowledging your having reached their level of self-destruction, negativism, self-loathing, life-loathing, and nihilism.

So remember. People are idiots. If you’re reading this, you already care about personal development. They don’t. Thus, you’re way above the 99%. You’re the 1%. So ask yourself the question:

Is this peer group worth impressing?

If it isn’t, get out. There are enough people in the world, and even a PUA doesn’t need that many wings and can only bang that many women a day.