Half of the running of the world can be explained by the mismatch. One of its aspects is our primal adaptation for survival mechanisms, not happy peaceful stable life.

Think allergies, anorexia, masochism, obsessions, dangerous adventures, heavy sports training, conflicts, wars, religious obligations, useless work, piercings, tattoos, dogs, etc: creating problems to solve, deliberately making your life more complicated.

Most of those can be defined as either our body, or our brain, or a psychosomatic mix of both, creating problems to be solved, for lack of real, survival related problems to solve, in order to keep us in the same survival mode they've been geared to for thousands of years of evolution.

Like all mismatch issues, it's something to be acknowledged and hacked. Not as something to be nostalgic of as a Dysney-fantasy version of the past, where people had real fights, real issues, real heroes. Not as something to numb psychologically with fake unproductive issues.

No, it must be embraced as one of them good problems: the next level issue of a more advanced civilization. A mismatch that must be hacked, sublimated, into solving higher issues, into creating, into exploring, into pushing the boundaries. Code, write, think, solve the deeper issues of the universe, do activities you enjoy on a high level. Don't be a badger who can but hope to survive to the next day, and spend that next day surviving again, without any other purpose. Ignore the animal-stage. Embrace the easiness, but appreciate the fact that that easiness allows you to focus on higher purposes. Aim higher.