Mystery - The Three Second Rule

The Three Second Rule, like many rules of Game, has been one which I've known for a long time, yet ignored for just as long.

Ignoring it has often cost me dearly. Now it's time to finally take it seriously:

  • When you see a girl you want to approach, approach her within three seconds. Don't let her time to think about it. Don't let yourself time to think about it.

  • When you see the slightest opportunity of going for the kiss close, kiss close within three seconds. Don't leave her time to start her hamster and find reasons to reject you.

But it's not all. Like all the rules of game, it goes way beyond pick-up. When you have a decision to make, make it within three seconds. And act on it within three seconds. (Steve Pavlina recommends 60 seconds, by the way.)

Especially if you have to do something bold. For instance, I arrived at this classy party with a queue of dozens of people, and body searches at the entrance. There was absolutely no way I was gonna wait and go through this. The other way in was obvious to me: the party was down a two metres wall with a barrier. All you had to do was cross the barrier, hang on the wall, and let yourself fall. The thing was, if you were to do it, you had to do it within three seconds. Don't hesitate. Don't linger on the side. Have it happening so quick that even if people see you they won't notice. And of course, take the decision to go within three seconds. Don't give fear time to overcome you.

Literally dozens of people came to the side of the barrier, had the same idea, thought about it, and walked on. A group of guys hesitated, got on the barrier, stayed on it for almost long enough to be seen, then aborted. No one jumped.

I just walked to the barrier, jumped it easily, and within three seconds, I was walking amongst the party crowd, inconspicuously. (I do admit having hesitated for more than three seconds watching the aforementioned scene, instead of going right in: 10 minutes of fear instead of enjoying the party already after three seconds. Point well taken.) The only people who had noticed my feat were a group of girls, who were making impressed comments. Yes, it was that easy to get in. Yes, rules are made to be broken. Society's rules, that is, which are all to be treated as shit tests. Not the rules of the Game, and especially not the Three Second Rule.

Make it a habit. Going into the cold shower? Three seconds. Getting into the cold water? Three seconds. Saying what you want to say? Three seconds. Leaving when you want to go? Three seconds. Get into the habit of doing everything you want to do eventually right now-within three seconds. Trust me: why hesitate for minutes, hours or days, and then have regrets for hours, days or months? Don't miss windows of opportunity that all too often exist for mere seconds. Act within three seconds. Always.