EVEY: Thank you but I’d rather die behind the chemical sheds.

Her last words hang in the air.

ROSSITER :Then there’s nothing left to threaten you with, is there? You are free.

He turns and leaves.

EVEY : What?

She listens as his footsteps fade down the hall, the door hanging weirdly open.

Evey takes a few tentative steps toward the door and sticks her head out into the empty hall, peering down both ways.

Slowly, she emerges from her cell, retracing her path down the hall that her blindfold never allowed her to see.

Quietly inching along the wall, Evey peeks around a corner, gasping at the rigid guard standing off to the side. There is something about the man’s frozen stare that keeps her from running.

Evey straightens and crosses to the guard.

It is a mannequin.

She touches him, the wheeled platform he is mounted on rolling back against the wall.

V for Vendetta