In the movie the Tao of Steve, Steve gives this advice to a young beta:

-You have to do something excellent in her presence, thus demonstrating your sexual worthiness.

-What if you’re not excellent at anything?

-Then you got a bigger problem than picking up women.

This is a core tenet of inner game. Unless you’re able to psyche yourself into so much confidence you can appear alpha based on nothing, actually being an interesting guy is gonna help.

I’ve applied this to learning English. If you don’t speak English, you got a bigger problem than learning about Game, Economics, or whatever.

Often I’ll hear people go “I’d like to learn about this or that, but the only books are in English. Somebody oughta translate them”… No, somebody oughta translate you! All the latest books on EVERYTHING are in English. 90 % of papers in scientific journals are written in English. 80% of the web is in English. Why should time and money be wasted on translating evergrowing amounts of publications, just because you’re too lazy to learn English?

People get stuff like Windows and cell phones translated, when they could just as well get them in english, and easily learn what they don’t understand. People to go to all lengths just tu avoid learning english in their daily lives, getting software, books and movies translated. Then they’ll pay for expensive language courses abroad, while actively seeking their co-citizens there and switching to their mother-dialect whenever they can.

Guys, wake up: no one cares about your stupid dialect, its boring history and its half-funny private jokes and lame word-plays that only a few thousand people understand. Language is for communication, not isolation. People are such idiots there are even sign languages. This poly-lingual shit was supposed to be a punishment for building the tower of Babel, not something to be proud of.