Second place, tied-in with last.

– Mad Men


No points for second place

– Top Gun

You either get what you want, or don't. The result is binary. That doesn't mean the difference is huge, though. It's a marginal difference, that creates a big outcome.

In Texas Hold'em, it's the same. The best player is only slightly better, but in the end, you either win or lose. That's why you play many games.

In game, there is no second place. You either close or you don't. So don't ever get satisfied about what you've accomplished in a given night apart from pick-up, however legendary it might be. What she says is irrelevant. What people say is irrelevant.

Conversely, not succeeding doesn't prove much. Again, the difference between having a thousand women and having none can be marginal, or sheer luck, that got expanded through leverage effect.

But of course, remember that efficiency and success only matter in relation to a given goal. Check what your goal is, and don't play the wrong game.